What is the best fabric for a T-shirt? Teach you how to choose a summer T-shirt

  • Thursday, May. 11, 2023 11:50:25

T-shirts are one of the must-have items in summer, simple and versatile, refreshing and casual, and T-shirts made of different fabrics have different cooling sensations and prices. What fabric is the best for T-shirts? How to choose a summer T-shirt?

Pure cotton

Firstly, T-shirts made of ordinary pure cotton fabric. Most salespeople will tell you that their T-shirts are made of pure cotton, including the word "pure cotton" on certain products. So, whether it is true or not can be verified by knowing the drawbacks of pure cotton T-shirts. It should be well-known that it is prone to wrinkling, but in fact, it is also prone to shrinkage! If these two points are met, then it can be acknowledged that what the merchant said is true~

Of course, pure cotton T-shirts also have many advantages, such as good skin friendliness, breathability, and moisture absorption. If you don't pursue a brand, then pure cotton T-shirts should be the most cost-effective choice within a regular budget~What is the best fabric for a T-shirt? Teach you how to choose a summer T-shirt

Mercerized cotton

This type of fabric actually belongs to pure cotton fabric, which is processed from pure cotton through a special processing process. It is a high-quality knitted fabric that not only fully retains the natural characteristics of raw cotton, but also has a certain luster, like silk. It has a soft, moisture absorbing and breathable feel, some elasticity, and some drape, making it very comfortable to wear. It also looks very tasteful. Well worth choosing from~

polyester-cotton blend

This should be very common. It is not easy to deform or wrinkle, and the fabric feels hard. Its comfort is not as good as pure cotton, but it is also considered soft and thick. If it's 65% cotton T-shirt fabric, it's still acceptable, but if it's 35% cotton, don't ask for it. It's uncomfortable and pilling, why waste money~What is the best fabric for a T-shirt? Teach you how to choose a summer T-shirt

Combed cotton

Many T-shirts claim to be made of pure cotton, but the fabric is labeled as combed cotton, including many socks. This is not a problem because it is indeed a type of pure cotton. In terms of craftsmanship, it is not necessary to know much, but it should be noted that it is better than ordinary cotton. It can make T-shirts more upscale in texture, softer, more comfortable, more washable and durable, and also have a certain glossiness~

Cotton and hemp

Cotton and linen T-shirts are cooler to wear in hot summers than pure cotton T-shirts because their heat dissipation is five times that of wool! It has advantages such as good breathability, non pilling, anti-static, and skin friendly. And radiation protection! Research has shown that adding 20% linen to the fabric can prevent 80% of radiation. So it is very suitable for white-collar workers, pregnant or ready to give birth women, as well as men who have not yet given birth~What is the best fabric for a T-shirt? Teach you how to choose a summer T-shirt


Modal is a very popular fabric, widely used in T-shirts and other clothing. This type of fabric is environmentally friendly because it uses beech fiber as its raw material, which has several hundred times stronger water absorption and sweat wicking properties than cotton. Its drape and softness are very good, but it is easy to change shape. If you want to buy a long-lasting T-shirt MM, this material is not recommended.


This fabric should be rarely heard of, it is particularly elastic, static free, and comfortable to touch. Compared to regular fabric T-shirts, its creases are easy to recover and particularly highlight the body shape. Not only does it retain the advantages of cotton, but it also improves the shortcomings of pure cotton, such as its lack of elasticity and easy deformation, which is easy to fade under sunlight. But it can be considered that T-shirts have been quite popular in recent years

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